Rethinking my virtual presence/ONL161

This is the first time I participate in a distance course. And yet this is familiar territory for me. I research virtual learning environments, and I’ve taught a couple of virtual courses as well. What fascinates me is how important theoretical and practical knowledge is in virtual learning environments. As a teacher there are many matters to identify and solve beforehand, and during, a course. Basically the teaching methods need to be adapted to the programs used, and this meant more or less rethinking the pedagogy I knew. Participating as a student is equally challenging and rewarding, I hope. Stepping out into a virtual environment feels like moving in uncharted territories. Communicating and participating is different from a physical environment. I’ve enjoyed the first week of introductions and the webinar as ways to find a common ground. The structure of the PBL-group and related assignments seem well planned, too. I think this will be an interesting journey to rethink my virtual presence and how I communicate online. I am also looking forward to collaborating with people from across the world and from different scientific fields.